This Was A Mistake

So I haven’t been feeling all that well the last couple of days, but I never like talking about it. I figure I can just walk it off and go […]

Drone Crash Caught On Camera

I’ve always been intrigued by drones ever since YouTubers started using them for vlogs. At the same time I tried to convince myself they aren’t cool so that I don’t […]

I Had No Excuse For This

One thing I’ve been working on is not coming up with excuses. It’s too easy to blame anything but yourself for something that went wrong, and I don’t want to […]

Building A Bigger Deadlift

Deadlifts are the best for building raw strength, everybody agrees. My 90 day goal of reaching a 405 pound deadlift was a complete fail, but that doesn’t mean I won’t […]

Full Day Of Eating On A Bulk

I’ve always enjoyed seeing what kinds of foods people eat when dieting or bulking. Everyone seems to go about it differently, and I can get all kinds of ideas for […]

I Finally Hit A New Deadlift PR

It only took me 1.5 years to add 5 pounds to my deadlift. Of course, the story goes deeper than that as I’ve dealt with a few pretty serious injuries […]

My Vlogging Camera Setup

Since I’ve made a new video every day for the last 31 days, I figured sharing my vlogging camera setup would be helpful for anyone else making videos. My main […]