Over the last month or so, I’ve shared a lot of thoughts and experiences when it comes to blogging.

Today, I’m going to share my list of 10 tools I use every day to create content effectively and consistently, starting with tech.

1. Samsung Chromebook 2

While it’s more like a smartphone with a keyboard (without the touchscreen), I’ve used it to write hundreds of thousands of words over the years.

It’s light, ultra portable, super cheap, and the updates actually make it better.

Solid for blogging tbh.

2. Sony a5100

I use this mirrorless camera mainly for vlogging, but it’s excellent for taking featured image photos.

You don’t need to spend $600 to take featured images though, as your phone’s camera is probably good enough.

3. Hostgator Shared Hosting

Say what you want about shared hosting, for most bloggers it’s fine. My one hosting account covers 6 websites including a local business with no problems.

Better to start cheap and ramp up than to not start at all.

I also buy my domains through HG.

4. WordPress Blogging Tools

Not to be confused with the .com version, http://WordPress.org is how I host my blog online. HostGator makes it easy to install and get to blogging quickly.

Yes, there are other blogging platforms, but this is still the best way to do it as of writing this tweet

5. Marketers Delight

This is the blog theme I use. The interesting part about this theme is how you can make it your own easily.

Read my review, click over to the site, and check the Showcase link up top to see what I mean:


6. Mailchimp Email Marketing

This is the email marketing software I’m using. It’s free to start building your email list and your audience.

It’s great for pure content, but risky if you want to promote affiliate links. Promote those on your blog, and promote your content with Mailchimp.

7. Sumo

Another email marketing solution. Great if you go with a basic WordPress theme. It’s free to sign up, and pretty easy to use.

Just be careful not to use too many popups or your visitors might get annoyed and leave. Stick to Listbuilder OR Smartbar, not both.

8. Canva

This is my favorite way to create graphics, more specifically for YouTube and Pinterest, but it can be very valuable for your blog as well.

It’s free to sign up and you can create some pretty cool stuff with it.

For example (finally getting a few clicks from Pinterest btw):

Start Blogging Right Now

9. Buffer

This is a great tool to get ahead on your content publishing. Free to sign up and schedule up to 10 posts at a time.

You can also share to multiple social networks at the same time.

I’d suggest sharing content more than links, but def share both.

10. Upbeat Instrumental Music

Aside from water and black coffee, nothing keeps me productive like a great soundtrack to go along with writing.

Call me a nerd, but the Dragon Ball Super original soundtrack is in my ears every single time I get to writing, even now.

Deep house, rap, rock, some jazz or classical can work too, just keep it upbeat and instrumental for maximum focus.

And that’s how I stay on top of my blogging every single day.

If you want to learn more about the tools I recommend, including the actual (affiliate) links to their websites, check out my resources page here:


Talk soon,