Back in 2009, I found myself in a weird spot in life.

Recently single, jobless, kicked out of my mom’s place, and no idea what to do with my life, I had found myself at a presentation that was about to show me the best business opportunity in the world.

I listened to these people who were making thousands of dollars per week just asking people “Are you open to other ways of making money?” and was instantly sold.

Shortly after, I ended up selling my guitar and laptop to get the $500 to join.

What did I care?

I could easily make back that money and more to get the guitar and laptop I really wanted anyways, right?

Ha well long story short, after 6 months of doing a whole lot of nothing I ended up making exactly $0.

But that’s not the conclusion to this story.

It was only the beginning.

How I Came Across Blogging

During this time of dismal network marketing failure, I did a ton of research online for ways to get more leads and customers.

I found a lot of nonsense, but I also came across one consistent thing:

All the most successful people who could show proof had a blog.

So what did I do?

I scraped every bit of change I had to buy a domain name and hosting account and set up a blog.

At that point, I had zero time for shame and positioned myself as a network marketing expert despite having not made a single dollar doing it yet.

You know what was crazy about that?

I started making money very quickly because of 3 reasons.

1. I was immersed in the community and learned everything I could.
2. I joined another company and actually started making sales.
3. I started selling highly related information products as an affiliate.

After that, things started to click and I had built an MLM team of 70 people entirely online.

All through blogging and email marketing.

And even though I no longer believe network marketing is a good business model, blogging is amazing.

My 30 Day Blogging Challenge

It actually hit me today that I was making more money online back then than I am today at my job.

With that said, it’s finally time to bring back the blog.

Over the next 30 days, I’m going to be publishing a new 500 word blog post every single day.

The only difference this time around is that I’ll be writing about building this blog from scratch.

Not from an expert position but from the perspective of someone who has a bit of experience, yet zero blog visitors.

I truly believe that creating a full time income from writing is easier now than ever, especially compared to how it was back in 2010.

If I could do it then, I can absolutely do it now.

Oh and I’ll be able to sleep at night because instead of network marketing, I’ll be promoting products that are actually helpful and high quality.

Or I could even create my own stuff.

But until then, stay tuned for my next post coming up… you guessed it… tomorrow.

Talk soon,