About Gabe

Gabe JohanssonIf you’re looking to get your blog going and go from zero to thousands of visitors, then you’re in the right place.

Since 2010, I’ve built multiple blogs to hundreds of subscribers and thousands of visitors and now I’m here to share what I’ve learned to help you reach new audiences.

I will admit, this site is far from the biggest marketing blog around but it’s quickly becoming a valuable resource for bloggers in any niche.

In my first 3 days of starting this blog, I’ve already reached 106 page views completely for free and I will update this page as we grow even further.

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Some Basic And Mostly Useless Info

Name: Gabe Johansson
Age: 29 Years Old
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 179lbs
Hobbies: Making videos, lifting weights, reading books, drinking coffee, spending endless hours on social media.

Goals Of This Blog

My main goal of this blog is to help 10,000 people spread their message to a larger audience on a daily basis, using simple and repeatable strategies.

I’ve been in this industry for quite some time now and the truth is this:

  • Blogging can be fun or a headache (it’s up to you)
  • Getting your first 100 visitors is harder than getting 1,000
  • The secret to sustainable results is long term consistency
  • That last point was boring, and it’s a bad idea to be a boring blogger
  • Daily blogging isn’t always better than weekly blogging
  • You can succeed if you put in enough work for enough time

There is a lot to this whole blogging game, and in time it becomes easier.

And that is exactly what I am here to do.

I am here to help you get more traffic, subscribers, and hey maybe even make a few bucks in the process.

Your Input Is Important

If there is ever anything you need to know about blogging, social media, or email marketing, feel free to post a comment on any post or submit a request on my contact page.

You can also reach me on social media:

Twitter – Twitter.com/GabeJohansson
Facebook – Facebook.com/GabeJohansson
YouTube – YouTube.com/GabeJohansson
Instagram – Instagram.com/GabeJohansson

Here’s to helping you reach new audiences on a daily basis.

Talk soon,

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