If you were to ask me what my favorite way to get blog traffic is, I’d tell you Twitter.

It might not be the fastest way.

It might not even be the best way.

But it’s definitely my favorite way, and it absolutely works but only if you do it right.

Most people go about Twitter all wrong and just spam their links with automation.

Yes, you can get some clicks that way but it’s not a good look.

Not to mention the follow/unfollow nonsense.

That said, let’s talk about how to do Twitter the right way and get some traffic to your blog.

How To Tweet Your Way To More Blog Traffic

First things first, I gotta say I’m nowhere near an expert when it comes to Twitter but I do know a few things.

My account has grown to over 700 followers
-I got 58,000 Tweet impressions in June
-I gained 78 visitors to my site or YouTube channel

Sure, these aren’t the most amazing numbers in the world but it just shows the potential even with a small account.

Here’s how to Tweet and get those clicks to your blog without coming off as a spammer.

1. Tweet 10-15 Times Per Day – Post 60% pure valuable content. Post 20% personal thoughts and musings. Post 20% links to your content. Of course, these percentages aren’t rules but the point is to mainly help your audience but to be personal and not afraid to promote yourself. 300-500 quality tweets per month can go a long way.

2. Follow The Right People – The accounts you follow can make or break your experience with Twitter. Follow accounts that tweet about your topic and actually interact with them. Follow influencers and smaller accounts too. You can build some great lasting friendships and reach more people this way.

3. Use Tweet Threads – If you don’t know already, a tweet thread is when you tweet then reply to yourself to continue your thought on the next tweet. Repeat as necessary. Not only will you be able to share a more complete idea, but each time you reply to yourself, you bump your first tweet to the top. I might write an entire blog post on tweet threads soon. They’re very powerful.

And of course, just like blogging you gotta be take massive action and be super consistent.

Twitter is a fast paced place and you can be forgotten easily.

On the other hand, if you tweet often enough and in the right way, you’ll be on the top of your audiences mind constantly.

Do You Use Twitter To Grow Your Blog?

I want to know if you’ve been using Twitter to grow your blog.

How have you been using it?

What have your results been?

Are you going to try any of the tips above?

Let me know in the comment section below.

I’ll be giving periodic updates on how Twitter is helping me grow my blog, as well as other methods that are working for me, so be sure to subscribe for daily blog posts.


Talk soon,