Okay, today I have a bit of a confession.

Over the last 28 days of blogging daily, I’ve been pretty lazy when it comes to email marketing.

Most of the time, I just copy and paste the blog post title into the email subject line.

From there, I’ll either send the whole post in the email or just a teaser with a link to the latest and greatest content here.

While doing the minimum is a lot better than nothing, blogging and email marketing simply work differently, so today I want to go over why this lazy method isn’t your best bet.

Writing A Great Blog Post Title

If you really want to write a great blog post title, your best bet is to use some form of curiosity combined with some SEO.

You want to make these titles both clickable (aka not boring), while still being something people are searching for in Google.

Personally, I haven’t put much effort into search engine optimization, and my low search traffic stats are proof of this.

However, if you want to maximize your results, your best bet is to make those click-worthy SEO titles.

For example, 13 Mistakes New Bloggers Make (And How To Fix Them) is pretty clickable title, and still has some potential SEO benefit.

The problem with some of these blog titles is that they don’t do too well sent as an email.

Writing A Great Email Subject Line

Out of my last 28 emails sent out, my highest performing ones were short to medium in length and curiosity provoking.

For example, one email that got nearly twice as many opens as usual used a completely different subject line compared to the post title.

I was promoting this blog post talking about using calls to action.

Sure, I could have used a line like ‘Why You Need To Use A Call To Action’ which would be very direct, but it’s also pretty boring.

Instead, I used this:

‘How to NOT sell coffee (or grow your blog)’

It’s completely different from the norm, and leads right into the actual content.

Even then, if you click the link above you’ll notice the blog post title is different, because of the reasons I mentioned earlier.

Here’s What I Recommend

If you’re just getting started with blogging, don’t worry too much about maximizing email marketing results.

Just focus on creating and promoting content.

However, once you get the hang of things, it’s a good idea to learn email marketing and how to get better results with it.

Even if you’re just copying and pasting your blog post into the email, simply changing the subject line can make a big difference in how many people see your content.

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