I talk a lot about writing on this here blog, and that’s because I really like writing.

But I just thought of something:

Not everyone wants to write.

If you ask me, I think writing is an invaluable skill that should be developed, but that’s the cool thing about this world.

Everyone can have their own opinion.

Anyways, today I’m going to talk about 3 ways you can blog without writing thousands, or even hundreds of words per day.

1. Focus On Video Content

Let’s say you’re not really into the whole writing thing.

Another great way to create blog content is by making videos talking about your topic instead.

Simply create a quick outline, a few key points you want to cover, and some examples to back up your key points.

Once you film your video, edit out all the unnecessary parts, make it flow well, and put it up on YouTube.

You can use Facebook too.

Then you take the embed code and put the video on your blog, add a quick title, description, and call to action and bam, you’re good to go.

Now you have blog content, as well as content on YouTube so you can get traffic in multiple ways.

But maybe you feel a bit weird on camera.

This feeling can be overcome with practice, but if you really aren’t up for it then there’s another option.

2. Focus On Audio Content

One of my favorite things to do when riding the bus or going on long walks is listening to podcasts.

Whether it’s something I’m learning (like copywriting), or something entertaining, I’ll spend a solid 20 to even 60 minutes listening to people talk about stuff.

Just imagine having a podcast and having people listen to your content while they do chores or take walks.

All you gotta do is take the outline tip above and just record audio with a voice recorder app.

I’ve never edited audio before, so I’ve always just done a one-take-wonder.

Then you take the audio file and upload it to Soundcloud and bam, you now have a podcast.

You can even set up Soundcloud to sync with iTunes and Google Play to get more exposure.

Then take the Soundcloud embed code, post it on your blog, write a description and call to action and you’re good to go.

Easy breezy blog content.

For a great example of a podcast based blog, check out the BenSettle.com Podcast.

3. Get People To Write For You

Maybe you’re not up for writing, video, or audio content.

I have to ask, is a blog right for you?

If you still think so, then there is one more option:

Get other people to write for you.

The best way to motivate writers to create content is by paying them.

Hire some writers using Upwork or a similar freelance website and you’ll be able to publish all kinds of content without hardly lifting a finger.

Alternatively, if your blog is already growing you can offer exposure in exchange for guest posts.

The best way to find writers is to add a “write for us” page on your blog and put it in your menu.

Alternatively, you can email other bloggers and see if they want to write for you.

Just make sure you give them an offer that’s worth their time.

If you’re brand new, this option won’t work too well and paying writers will be the better bet.

Or better yet, practice writing every day and you’ll get better at it yourself.

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