Got a question on Twitter earlier today by Neil W. and he asked:

“Are blogs still relevant?”

And despite me recently starting this blog talking about blogging, it’s a valid question.

So many people are spending more time on apps like Instagram and YouTube, so is blogging still worth your time?

Or is blogging finally dead in 2018?

That’s exactly what we are going to talk about today.

Why You Shouldn’t Start A Blog

First things first, let’s talk about why you shouldn’t start a blog nowadays.

If you think you’re going to quit your job, put up a blog, and go full-time right away with no savings, you probably shouldn’t start a blog.

If you hate writing and are afraid of public opinion, you probably shouldn’t start a blog.

Wait, scratch that.

You should probably start a blog to get over that fear, and writing daily is good for you.

So pretty much, just don’t blog for overnight riches.

Irrefutable Proof That Blogging Is Alive And Kicking

Pretty much every news site out there is essentially a blog.

Big blogs are posting more content and hiring more writers than ever.

Then you have bloggers like Jake from Nomadic Hustle who are killing it with SEO.

Neil, who inspired the blog post you’re reading now runs a highly valuable blog for dads at This Dad Does.

(I wonder if he knew I would plug his site…)

Then there are masters like John Chow with who have been killing the blogging game since before blogs were any bit popular.

Mike Vestil with gets tons of traffic to his blog, although to be fair a ton of it comes from his massive YouTube channel and paid ads, as he has shown on video.

And finally Ben Settle with has over a thousand pages of copywriting content that generates leads and sales for him daily, even though he wouldn’t consider himself a blogger at all.

Not to mention the countless bloggers gaining massive growth from Twitter and Pinterest.

So Is Blogging Dead Or Nah?

Blogging is far from dead, and blogs will be relevant as long as people still value the written word.

The key here is being relevant regardless of the medium.

If you can’t get and keep attention, your blog won’t grow.

If you’re lacking a core message or a reason for your visitors to come back to your site, then your blog won’t grow.

If you’re not building an email list of engaged readers and customers, then your blog won’t grow.

However, if you’re able to get attention, keep attention, and solve problems for your readers then there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to thrive with blogging for decades.

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