Fun fact: You’re currently reading my 38th consecutive daily blog post.

Originally, I was only going to do 30 days in a row, but why stop a good thing when it’s still going?

That said, I’ma keep it going.

Writing daily isn’t too hard once you get in the groove, and today I’m going to share the 3 secrets to an effective blogging session.

Here are those 3 secrets:

1. Filtered Water
2. Instrumental Music
3. A Good Topic

Sounds incredibly simple, right?

And that it is.

Lets talk a bit about why each one helps me blog every day.

First off, it’s smart to have some kind of beverage with you while you’re blogging.

If you write in the morning, maybe black coffee or plain tea could work.

I’m more of a night writer, so I avoid caffeine and go with some top quality filtered water.

Either way, get some sort of calorie-free, hydrating drink and then you can move on to the next step.

Once you have your beverage of choice, I think it’s important to not have any distractions when you start writing.

Get your work space in order before you start, then it’s time to pick some instrumental music for your session.

Why instrumentals?

Because lyrics are distracting and can cause you to lose your train of thought.

Ever have someone talk to you while texting and you start typing whatever that person just said to you?

Yeah, the same can happen when you listen to music with lyrics.

The genre doesn’t seem to matter much, so pick a style of music you like.

Personally, I’ve been a big fan of deep house instrumentals on YouTube since you can find hour long playlists with ease.

Get your music ready because now it’s time to start blogging.

The last secret to an effective blogging session is a good topic.

If you’re studying your market and you know your audience, coming up with ideas should be easy.

Otherwise, you can browse forums, check Quora, or hit up social media sites to see what people are talking about right now.

Once you get your good topic idea, then you can start writing.

You might be surprised as to how easy the words start flowing when you have these 3 things in order first.

For example, this post took me about 20 minutes to write.

Although to be fair, I got kinda distracted by one of the songs sneaking in some lyrics into their “instrumental” playlist.

Son of a…

Anyways, let me know how this helps you.

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Talk soon,