Fun fact: I’ve already been hired 6 times this year.

My ability to get hired is unrivaled around these parts, but my ability to keep a job long term is abysmal.

Here’s the cycle I constantly go through:

  1. Run out of money
  2. Scramble to get a job
  3. Take any job I can find
  4. Get hyped about new job
  5. Start working new job
  6. Pay a few bills
  7. Hate new job
  8. Quit job

I even went to a therapist about why I can’t keep a job and they told me what I already knew:

Every job I get lacks purpose and fulfillment.

But at this point, I really don’t have a choice but to get any job I can… again… so I can pay off all my credit cards I’ve been living off of this year.

And this time I have to stick it out for the rest of the season, because my friend put her reputation on the line to get me this job.

Since I actually care about that, it’s just the motivation I need to stick with the job until I can find something more suitable.

Anyways, watch today’s vlog where I talk more about this as well as me trying to get that job on camera.