Imagine you’re going door to door selling the best coffee you’ve ever had.

It smells delicious.

It tastes delicious.

It has the right amount of caffeine to wake you up, without giving you uncontrollable jitters.

You fully believe it’s the best, and your number one goal is to share that experience with other people.

And even though most people won’t let you in the door to talk about it, you keep trying.

Finally, a nice couple lets you in so you can do your presentation.

You’re excited, but you’re prepared.

Those 3 tall cups of coffee you’ve had are giving you a clean boost of energy and focus.

So you start going through your presentation showing the fine packaging, and they’re happy to let you do a demonstration of you making the coffee.

You all share a small cup, and you hear them note how good it smells and tastes.

They’re smiling.

You’re smiling.

And moments later, you start packing things up as you thank them for their time.

Then you leave.

And make no sale.

After all this time and effort, you skipped the most important part of the process:

Asking for the sale.

The Secret To Getting Results

It doesn’t matter if you’re giving out the best information the world has ever seen, if you want to grow your blog you must give a clear call to action in every post.

Otherwise, people may come to your site, read your content, then leave.

Maybe they’ll come back, maybe they won’t.

It’s actually a disservice to your visitor to not let them know about your other content, products, or recommended resources.

It’s possible that with a single line of text and a link, you can help them solve whatever problem they may have.

For example, let’s say you sell a book on Amazon that helps people run faster and stay injury free.

They found your blog post about 10 tips to run better, and after the 10 tips you let them know about your book and share the link.

Not only do they get more of what they wanted in the first place, but you’re more likely to make a sale too.

And that’s how to maximize your results with every blog post.

Give a clear call to action.

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