When I first got started with blogging, I had no idea what I was doing.

All I knew is that I had to post content to attract an audience and eventually sell to them.

And the only reason I knew that was because I was lucky enough to run into a paid training course that is no longer available, but it put me on the right path.

After years of blogging in different niches, there are many common mistakes I see new bloggers making.

Today, I’m going to point out these mistakes and how to quickly fix them.

If you are new to blogging or aren’t getting the results you want, take a look at this list and see which parts you can improve.

With that said, let’s get right into this.

1. Not Building An Email List – One of the most important modes of communication with your blog visitors is email marketing.

It’s the fastest and most effective way to get repeat visitors, build a true audience, and make more sales.

If you’re not already building an email list, I’d suggest signing up for Sumo.com which will allow you to start building a list for free.

Email your subscribers every time you have new content to share and you’ll get more engagement and likely make more money as well.

2. Focusing On Ads Instead Of Content – While making money is a good thing, there’s a wrong way and a right way to do it.

If your blog looks anything like a modern news site, you’re probably doin’ it wrong.

Having a couple ads on your sidebar and maybe one above or below your content is fine.

But if you ask me, your primary income shouldn’t be from advertising networks.

Not to mention, every time you earn $0.03 for that ad click, you’re sending people away from your own site.

Focus on content, provide a solution through your own products or affiliate offers, and you won’t need to cheapen the look of your site with ads and banners.

3. Not Diversifying Traffic Sources – You might have heard of a Google slap, Twitter accounts getting shut down, Instagram changing their algorithm, and YouTube censoring creators.

While it’s a good idea to focus on learning one thing at a time, only having one traffic source to your blog is never a good idea.

If anything were to happen to that source, you’d be out of traffic.

Instead, focus on at least 2 different ways of getting traffic.

For example, you could learn SEO and Twitter.

Or Facebook Groups and guest blogging.

Or YouTube marketing and Facebook ads.

Just pick two and get really good at them before expanding, or you run the risk of making the next common mistake.

4. Trying Too Many Traffic Sources – We already know putting all your eggs in one basket is a bad idea, but having one egg in too many baskets isn’t good either.

You don’t even get a whole egg in each basket.

Weird analogies aside, if you don’t focus on learning one traffic generation method at a time, you’ll struggle to get any real results at all.

It’s better to master 2 traffic sources and get 100 visitors per day than learn 10 strategies and only get 5 visitors each.

So to reiterate the point in mistake 3, pick two sources and master them first.

5. Not Posting Enough – This is probably the worst mistake you can make but also the most common.

In fact, none of the other mistakes even matter if you aren’t posting content on your blog.

That’s the entire purpose of a blog in the first place: Posting content.

A big problem with publishing content is not being able to stick to a schedule.

This is why I think a 30 day blogging challenge is a good idea, even though they can be tough.

Once you’re done, posting 1-3 times per week will be a cakewalk.

6. Not Having A Core Message – This is one point that will stunt your blog’s growth until you figure it out.

You need to know who you’re talking to.

Some people suggest you should know everything about your ideal reader, but it’s much more simple if your goal is to solve a specific problem.

That problem could be anything between helping someone lose weight to just being entertaining.

Develop a core message that will help your core audience, and you’ll attract more readers for sure.

7. Avoiding Talking To Other Bloggers – This mistake is super common and might be one of the most common reasons people stop blogging.

Even in 2018, most people don’t understand blogging and aren’t always supportive of it.

If you’re constantly around people who think it’s stupid or ask why you’re bothering, it can be tough to stay motivated.

That’s why it’s extra important to talk with other bloggers, YouTubers, and content creators so you’re in touch with like-minded people who understand what you’re doing.

Facebook Groups and Twitter are two great places to chat with fellow bloggers big and small.

8. Not Writing Every Day – Even if you’re focusing on video content for your blog, writing every day is absolutely important.

It will help you become a better communicator and new content ideas will start flowing constantly.

In fact, just writing this post has given me 13 new blog post ideas to expand on in the future.

Even if you’re not publishing on your blog daily, set aside 30 minutes every day to just write about anything.

And if you find yourself stuck, just start typing things on the screen and you’ll quickly realize how fake writers block really is.

9. Going In Without A Plan – Speaking of the fake thing called writers block, many bloggers go into this whole thing without a plan whatsoever.

It’s really hard to get anything done if you don’t know what you want to do.

Take a few minutes brainstorming your mission if you haven’t already then craft a plan to work on that mission.

Once you know where you’re headed, the planning part becomes pretty simple and straightforward.

If you’re still not sure, Google is an invaluable tool.

10. Getting Distracted From Productive Work – As much as I love checking emails and Facebook notifications, a majority of the time those things aren’t productive.

Planning content, writing content, promoting content, and truly networking are productive habits.

And if your goal is to make an income from your blog, the only productive things are what leads to sales.

If you find yourself getting distracted a lot, try these three things:

-Turn on some instrumental music
-Close all browser tabs besides your blog
-Put your phone on airplane mode

Combine these things with a good cup of black coffee, green tea, or chilled water and you’ll be good to go.

11. Monetizing The Wrong Way – In my opinion, not every blog should try to make money the same way.

Some blogs are better off selling products or affiliate offers.

Other blogs are better off with advertising networks or even selling merchandise.

For entertainment based blogs, running ads or merch might be better.

For educational or informative blogs, products or affiliate offers might be better.

At the end of the day, you have to choose the way that suits your blog and personality best and just stick with it to see how well it works for you.

12. Shiny Object Syndrome – I’ve personally dealt with this issue a lot over the years.

It’s where you see one opportunity that looks great and shortly after, you see an even better one.

For example, I did one workout program in the gym that was touted as one of the best, and a month later I was doing another one that was somehow also the best.

A month isn’t long enough to tell which one is better.

The same thing goes for blogging.

It seems like there’s a new way to get traffic to your blog launched every week, so it’s no wonder people struggle to stick to anything.

Again, pick two different strategies, stick to them, and get really good at them to fix this issue.

13. Not Taking Massive Daily Action – The biggest key to success is doing productive actions every day to get more readers, subscribers, and sales to grow your blog.

Many new bloggers get overwhelmed with all the things they have to do and end up doing nothing.

I know I just spouted off a ton of things to make sure you’re doing, but the best thing you can do is just do one thing at a time.

Keep taking action every day.

Reference this list frequently.

Develop your skills.

Always be improving.

If you can do this, you will be able to grow your blog every month for sure.

And if you want to see what I’m doing to grow my blog, including what works and what doesn’t be sure to go here and subscribe (it’s free):


Talk soon,