Okay, I’ll be honest.

This post is more of a reminder to myself than anything.

I spent the day being wildly unproductive and found myself here at 11:51pm without my daily blog post.

I’ve talked about daily blogging before and how it’s not quite necessary, but that doesn’t quite apply to my blog right now.

I set a personal challenge to blog every day and I’m going to keep at it no matter what.

How To Make Writing Effortless

Some people think it’s really hard to write, but if you ask those people the last time they just sat down and wrote anything, they’ll probably tell you they don’t know.

Or some story about how they tried to, when in reality they just sat there doing anything but writing.

A super easy key to get writing done is to just start writing.

About anything.

Literally anything at all that comes to mind, just write it down.

I don’t know why it is, but once you get started it’s much easier to keep writing.

This is also why I think writers block is not real, but just an excuse.

Once you get things moving, use this idea method to come up with a topic for your post and you might be surprised how much easier it is to get some content done for the day.

Practice Makes Better Writer

Solid english in that headline, eh?

Anyways, the more you write the better you’ll get at it.

One of the main reasons I can keep up with writing consistently (even if I am a tad late today), is because I have a decade of practice.

Just keep at it and write a bit each day.

You will get better, and eventually it will become effortless.

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Talk soon,