Killer Push Day Workout

Inside today’s video, I take you through a killer push day workout. This simple routine has been helping me gain strength, and I recently switched the order of my exercises. […]

How To Build A Strong Back

Inside this video, I talk about a few simple strategies for building a strong back. Before I learned and applied this stuff, I was barely able to do bodyweight chin […]

How To Stick To A Diet Plan

As far as strength training goes, this week has been super boring. I’ve been doing submaximal workouts and taking it easy to boost my recovery, but it’s still not fun. […]

Day Of Eating 3,800 Calories

So I’ve been quietly trying to gain a bit of weight over the last month or so. I went from 176lbs to 180lbs pretty quickly, but I haven’t really gained […]

Deload Deadlift Training Routine

Inside today’s video, I share my deload deadlift training routine along with weighted chin ups, rows, and curls. You’ll also see: How I’m helping a friend get stronger My incline […]

How To Recover From Overtraining

Over the last month or so, I’ve been training pretty hard and making some good progress. I’ve been eating more food, sleeping 7-10 hours most nights, and feeling good. That […]