The Worst Pool Shots Ever

I knew I was rusty, but these were some of the worst pool shots ever. There was a time in my life where I would play constantly, nearly daily, and […]

I Ate Too Much Food

I thought it would be a good idea to hit up the store, grab some burgers and fries, and have a good time cooking and eating. And that’s exactly what […]

I Cant Believe I Did This

Now normally I wouldn’t title a video like this, but it just made too much sense. Pretty much every part of my day could be described with this statement of […]

Do I Even Lift Anymore?

It was weird not lifting yesterday, but now I skipped out on today too? It’s rare that I skip a workout because lifting weights is very important to me and […]

We Took A Beach Trip In January

It’s been a while since both Keighley and I had the entire day off to spend with each other. Naturally we decided to go to the beach, despite it being […]

This Game Is Taking Over My Life

After a mediocre deadlift and squat session, I went into this strange state of introversion from the world. It seemed harmless to me at the time, but the longer I […]