I started this blog a little over two weeks ago, and it’s been a blast ever since.

People are checking out what I’m writing and it seems like I’ve been getting an overall positive response so far.

There’s only one glaring problem with WordPress that I had yet to fix.

Spam comments.

Since starting this blog, I’ve received over 48 spam comments which is absolutely nuts.

Today, I’m going to share two easy methods to stop spam comments in their tracks and you can do them both right away.

Method #1: Turn Off Comments

Since most blogs don’t get a lot of comments when starting out, it might not be a bad idea to turn them off altogether.

You’ll eliminate spam completely and immediately.

The other benefit to this is you can focus your call to action on getting people to sign up for your email list or buy a product.

If people have questions or comments, they can share them directly to you with email.

There really is no downside to doing this.

The only reason not to is if you just want to keep the comment section.

Method #2: Use Disqus

If you want to keep the comment section but still reduce spam, I’d suggest using a comment system like Disqus.

Sure, you can use anti-spam plugins, but they’re just not as effective in my experience.

When you install the Disqus Conditional Load plugin, you create or log in to your account and set it up from there.

It’s pretty easy to import all your current comments into the new platform too.

I will admit, I’ve gotten a few spam comments with Disqus, but it’s very rare especially compared to the standard WordPress system.

There are other systems like this available, but I don’t use them so I’m not sure how well they work.

If you want to see an example of Disqus, scroll down and post a comment.

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Talk soon,

P.S. If you haven’t gotten any non-spam comments because you need to get more visitors, read this post.