Over the last 45 days, I’ve published 38 blog posts.

It’s kinda funny actually.

In my last post I was practically bragging how I’ve been blogging every single day for over a month and the very next day I decided to focus on building and refining my email course.

I didn’t even blog once.

And today I’m back to talk about how it affected my blog’s growth and what you can do to keep growing, even if you stop blogging.

The Downward Traffic Spiral

I gotta be honest here.

This week wasn’t good at all for my blog.

And even though I was still writing every single day, I probably should have published at least 2 posts.

Here’s why:

In the last 7 days, my blog only received 85 pageviews.

To put this in perspective, on July 26th I received 86 pageviews on that day alone.

A big part of why I didn’t get much traffic is because I didn’t promote as much as I should have.

When you publish new content, it’s easy to remember to promote it so you get more traffic pretty easily.

But when you don’t post anything new, it’s still important to promote older content to keep your traffic growing.

Using a tool like Buffer makes this nearly effortless.

If, and only if, you remember to use it.

The Plan From Here On Out

Now that my email course is complete, I can get back to publishing every day for at least the next 49 days.

Why 49?

Because that’ll put me at the 90 day mark of creating content for this blog.

Even though there are people like John Chow and Ben Settle who have published daily content for years, I don’t think you need to blog every single day forever.

However, if you’re new it’s smart to establish yourself and your content so search engines like Google and Bing will start sending you free traffic.

It can take 6-12 months for Google to start sending you traffic.

Even if you’re writing about topics people are constantly searching for.

But again, even if you’re not publishing every day I still think it’s important to keep writing every day to keep improving your skills.

That said, look forward to more content here on the blog.

Got any topics you want me to cover?

Post ’em in the comments!

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